Wyndham House Fruit Infusion Pitcher, 60 Ounce, With Freezer Gel Base


Wyndham House Fruit Infusion Pitcher, 60 Ounce, With Freezer Gel Base

NUTRITIOUSLY HEALTHY INSPIRATION: Wyndham House's 60 ounce Fruit Infusion Pitcher is a crystal-clear carafe that keeps your favorite thirst-quenchingly refreshing beverages at a perfectly-chilled temperature right at your fingertips.

CONTINUOUS COOLING REFRESHMENT: Featuring an ingeniously-designed sturdy freezer gel base, durable Tritan body and a slim fruit-infuser tube, our stylishly innovative infusion pitcher helps you stay hydrated and nourished throughout the whole day.

ELEGANTLY SLEEK DRINKING VESSEL DESIGN: Utilizing a beautiful, practical and efficient layout, our affordable fruit infusion pitcher easily stores in your refrigerator and once properly packed is small, handy and sturdy enough to travel with.

NATURALLY WONDROUS FLAVORS: Effortlessly blending the nutritiously delicious taste of your favorite sweet fruits, tart citrus and piquant spices, our charming infusion pitcher stimulates your taste buds and motivates you to live a healthier lifestyle.

CHARMING KITCHEN TOOL AND AFFORDABLE ACCESSORIES: Wyndham House designs dynamic kitchen tools and useful houseware accessories that are economically-efficient and help you create and maintain the lifestyle of your dreams.

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